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Putting from the rough

There’s a putting green in my backyard. But I don’t own a putter. And I don’t know the first thing about buying one. So, I entered “miniature golf putter” into google and the second result (after an ad) is:

"Miniature Golf Putter: Discover What Croatia Has To Offer" from the Croatia National Board of Tourism.

Now, Croatia is totes on my short-list of must-see places, but really, to me, the big draws are the ruins and the sailing (and the hopes of running into Prince Harry, obvs). But what do I know? Maybe the Croats are mad for Putt Putt.

That’s why it’s good to get out of the country, right? To broaden my world-view.

And to have sex with hot foreigners who speak little-to-no English. (As if I have to tell you that, tumblr.)

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